The Great Berea Train Show

The mission of The Great Berea Train Show is to further the hobby of Model Railroading by providing a platform that brings together those who enjoy the hobby and those who provide the resouces for  the hobby.

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We are The National Model Railroad Association Mid-Central Region Division 4, a model railroad organization that is dedicated to furthering the hobby of model railroading. Division 4 represents Lorain, Cuyahoga, Medina, Erie, and Huron Counties in Ohio.

The Great Berea Train Show is  one platform that we provide to bring individuals who are already involved with the hobby and those who are new to it together with vendors, organizations, and  examples of the greatest hobby in the World!

Our Organization

The Great Berea Train Show is a premiere model railroad show in the region.  In its 46th year the show brings together almost 700  dealer tables of model trains, accessories, and supplies for all scales. Many of the accessories and supplies may be used in other hobbies too! Also on display are several Historical Societies, railroad collectibles, and more.

In addition the show has many operating model railroad layouts presented by local model railroad clubs and organizations. All for the thousands that attend each year.